warning JMBM Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP attorneys, Bernard Gans is a rapist.

warning Bernard Gans JMBM Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP attorney is a rapist.

My sister said Century City law firm JMBM JMBM.com Employee partner patent attorney Bernard R. Gans rapes her all the Time.

JMBM attorney Bernard Gans is a bad man Gans is criminal cheater liar danger to the society. His wife told me Gans rapes her, once I remember she kicked him out of the house and he was living in a apartment near his Century City office for a while. Bernard Gans is a criminal liar and a thief as well, he stole $15000 cash from me I almost called the police on him until he brought my $15000 back on a evening had all my money in a grocery bag. Gans also stole all my mothers silver bars He called us all to come to my moms house to get the silver bars (invitation email image attached) then 30 members of the family went to get the silver bars after he found the location of the silver bars he took all of them placed them in his car and drove away. Gans made himself to be my mothers trustee and deactivated and revoked my fathers will of trust fired my brothers who were the trusties made himself the president of my mothers will of trust. Gans hired a probate attorney called Mina Sirkin law group They illegally and criminally removed my name from the will of trust and swear under oath in front of a notary that Mr. Luigi Bian does not exist.(Notarized documents are available to view ) Then Gans very quickly sold my mothers beautiful Encino 4000 square house $700,000 under the market value price called the police kicked my brother out of my moms house place my mom in a 20 x 30 feet room and placed an order to the home security to not to let anyone in to visit my mother. My moms new life was horrible a 100 year old woman not from this country did not speak a word of English could not write being controlled by a JMBM attorney, Gans told my mom just sign the papers she signed without understanding what she's signing my mom trusteed Gans, Bernard Gans who was only after pocketing all her money. My mom died, JMBM attorney quickly buried my mom without notifying anyone or making any public announcements of her death, Mina Sirkin her probate attorney also did not notify us or made any public death announcements to any of us of my moms death JMBM attorney Bernard Gans and Mina Sirkin kept everything quiet without any death announcements everything was done quietly. They buried my mother overnight in the dark very fast the 100 members of the family we did not know our mother was dead and was not informed to attend her funeral because we did not know she was dead. When we went to visit our mother at the nursing home the nurse said our mother has been dead for 2 days and Attorneys had place an order not to notify and members of the family.( family image attached our family missing the funeral) then after we waited to get a call from the attorneys Sirkin & Sirkin Mina Sirkin and JMBM Bernard Gans so we could get our inheritance but 90 days had passed and no letters or phone calls from Sirkin & Sirkin Mina Sirkin and JMBM attorney Bernard Gans in regard to the probate money or letting us know that our mom has passes.. After 90 days I contacted the probate office and asked about my inheritance the probate office said theres no record of me ( Mr. Luigi Bian ) on my mothers Talat Soluky's will of trust and for me to go hire an attorney to seek help. I did go do that and hired the law firm Stefan O'Grady, Esq. | NM Law, APC Attorneys Senior Litigation Counsel to the firm #224615 - Stefan O'Grady #224615. License Status: Active. Address: N.M Law, APC, 15147 Woodlawn Ave, Tustin, CA 92780-6452. Phone: 949-253-0000 - After hiring the law firm Stefan O'Grady attorney JMBM BERNARD Gan and Attorney Mina Sirkin new they have been criminally busted..., We had to hire a law-firm to get my parents inheritance from the chiefs it cost us over $14000.00 attorney fees over a year of hardship full of stress pain of not attending our mothers funder all because of these FAKE BUSTARDS GREEDY CRIMINALS. JMBM Bernard R. Gans and Mina Sirkin Law group need to be disbarred their attorney licenses needs to taken away and put away in prison, Bernard Gans is mentally sick sociopath criminal cheater and a liar.

We want to go to the Los Angeles Superior Court and let the jury hear this case.

Warning JMBM Attorneys Bernard R. Gans strike out 850,000,000,000.00 California Superior Court A Painful $850,000,000,000.00 jury Judgment JMBM Luigi Pictures.